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Phlebotomist Hand Immobilizer (PHI):

Phlebotomist Hand Immobilizer - attaches to almost any arm rest


Phlebotomist Hand Immobilizer - no arm rest needed for use

Used to steady a patient's arm for blood draws of the back of the hand. Can also be used for draws of the arm by repositioning arm along the board.  Restrains those with tremors or who are hyper-animated, such as children, for safety and efficiency.

Creates a firm, long surface to lay arm down to draw from if a standard drawing chair is unavailable, such as in home draws. or mobile draws.

Made from a flexible, yet durable, plastic that is shaped to expose the best angle of the hand for the most beneficial access to veins.  Compact and light-weight, this item can easily be transported to various external locations out of the hospital/clinic which require blood draws.

Designed to be used for either arm, the PHI uses Velcro straps that easily adjust to accommodate the varying size of different patients' arms.  Three straps are positioned above the board and one strap is below the board to attach to almost any ordinary arm chair, thus instantly turning the chair into a Phlebotomist's chair.  

The PHI reduces the impact of an accidental needle stick to the medical community by stabilizing the arm before drawing blood.

Easy to clean - simply remove the Velcro straps from the board with a flat head screw driver and wash by hand or machine.  A bleach solution can be used to sanitize the plastic.

Smoky black in color.  

Offered in 4 different sizes to accommodate any size arm.

 JAC4001  Phlebotomist Hand Immobilizer - Large

   JAC4001  Phlebotomy Hand Immobilizer - LARGE.  Sized for large adults.  18"L x 5.5"W x 3"H

  • $85.00 




 JAC4002  Phlebotomist Hand Immobilizer - Medium

   JAC4002  Phlebotomy Hand Immobilizer - MEDIUM.  Sized for adults or smaller framed adults.  14.5"L x 4"W x 2"H

  • $79.00 




 JAC4003   Phlebotomist Hand Immobilizer - Small

   JAC4003  Phlebotomy Hand Immobilizer - SMALL.  Sized for smaller framed adults or young adults.  11"L x 4"W x 2"H

  • $74.00 




JAC4004  Phlebotomist Hand Immobilizer - Extra Small 

   JAC4004  Phlebotomy Hand Immobilizer - EXTRA SMALL.  Sized for children.  9.5"L x 2"W x 1"H

  • $69.00 




 JAC4005   - 4-pack, Phlebotomist Hand Immobilizer - Large, Medium, Small, Extra Small

   JAC4005  Phlebotomy Hand Immobilizer - 4-PACK (one of each size)

  • $276.30 

Includes one of each size - be ready for any size arm.

(4-pack price reflects a 10% discount over purchasing each size separately.)

*Note:  Prices are subject to change without notice due to material and production costs.


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