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 JAC400H Excel Midsize Tray Unit w/removable Overhead Handle

Example of Large Advance Tray w/various JAC Tray Components and Supplies

JAC58  Standard Heme-Chemistry Tray Unit w/44-well TT Rack



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JAC Medical Products specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of high quality Phlebotomy Trays, Laboratory Trays, and accessories for blood collection, specimen collection, and other laboratory procedures.  

  • Designed by a Registered Medical Technologist
  • Products form a complete system for the collection, handling, and transportation of specimens into and out of the laboratory
  • Promotes safety, efficiency, organization, and effectiveness
  • Eight different lightweight phlebotomy / laboratory trays of various sizes and styles - with or without handles
  • Design your own tray units with numerous accessories and components for different functions
  • Components can be removed from trays for easy re-stocking or used individually on the countertop
  • Polypropylene trays and components can be autoclaved for easy sanitation
  • Carrying Cases customized for transportation and protection of specimens
  • Mobile Phlebotomy Cart for increasing work space at point of care and carrying heavy trays - configure your own Cart with various attachments
  • Test tube racks of various sizes - for micro tubes (8mm, 11mm), 13mm, or 16mm diameter tubes
  • Unique product designs not found elsewhere

Think about the short and long term benefits of creating a customized system using the JAC Medical Products line - so you can maximize your productivity in a safe, efficient, and organized way.   Over time, by purchasing different components rather than an entirely different tray you can easily and affordably conform to your changing needs.

This website lists and describes our products, including the items we distribute.  If you don't see something that you'd want to purchase, please inquire.  Some of our newer distributed items may not have made it into the website yet.  Contact us if you have questions.  



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