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Created in 1953 by a Medical Technologist who was frustrated by the lack of proper phlebotomy and laboratory equipment needed for collecting, transporting and organizing specimens in hospital labs, JAC Medical Products Inc. pioneered the creation of a system of portable phlebotomy trays with removable components which could be custom ordered by laboratories to satisfy their particular needs.

Before JAC Medical Products created its professionally organized phlebotomy system, laboratories were using cardboard,  paper boxes, cooking tins or other temporary, unsanitary containers for test tubes, slides, syringes, gloves, needles, and gauze.  Once JAC Medical Products created its new system of professional phlebotomy equipment, Medical Technologists finally had their own tools specifically designed with their needs in mind.

Expanded and updated as laboratory procedures have changed over the years, the extensive line of 8 phlebotomy trays and over 70 racks, holders, and boxes are made of attractive, sturdy polystyrene and autoclavable polypropylene plastic. The large variety of components makes it possible for a laboratory of many functions to create its own customized system using the specially designed, washable (or autoclavable) containers which can be carried in the JAC Phlebotomy Tray or used on the lab counter.  

Available through distributors or ordered directly, JAC Medical Products has over 50 years of experience at providing the highest quality and most complete line of portable laboratory trays and components available. We also distribute other manufacturer's items that fit within our line.



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