Carrying Cases
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Take your complete, organized tray unit off-site

No disassembling or rearranging of tray components required!

JAC PAK Carrying Case with JAC Tray Unit inside

  JAC81 - JAC PAK Carrying Case, LARGE


(Tray Unit or supplies not included). Lightweight, water-resistant dark blue nylon carrying case for transporting and enclosing the JAC Advance Large Phlebotomy Tray #70, or Advance Large Tray Units #100, #102, #105, #106.  Can also be used to carry Tray Units #JACPL600 - 602, or other equivalent sized items.  Case is made with a dual inner layer of foam and puncture-resistant polypropylene plastic to protect and prevent contents from poking through case. Case completely encloses tray and its contents, so no disassembling or rearranging of tray contents is required. Velcro fasteners along sides of lid allow easy opening access to tray. Carried comfortably with nylon hand straps, which hold lid firmly in place, or removable, adjustable shoulder strap. Weight 3.5 lbs. Pak Dimensions: 18-1/2 x 12-5/8 x 7 ID.

  •  $159.00


 JAC82 - JAC PAK Carrying Case, MIDSIZE


(Tray unit or supplies not included). Transports and encloses the JAC Advance Midsize Phlebotomy Tray #71, or Advance Midsize Tray Units #200, #202. Can also be used to carry Tray Units #JACPL600 - 602, or other equivalent sized items. (See description above).  Pak Dimensions: 17-1/2 x 10-1/2 x 7 ID.

  • $153.00



*Note:  Prices are subject to change without notice due to material and production costs.


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